Vanni, a special person! It was thanks to him that in my life many beautiful people, projects, moments appeared! So I decided to interview him, to inspire you as well!


Tell me about yourself, what you do in this life?
I think the life is very short. And time is the most important thing in our life. So I love spending time on my favorite things! I love follow my best way. This way is way of my heart.

Sometimes people think I’m crazy and I’m not normal, but I’m normal. I don’t want to lose my time. People don’t think about this, most of them think only about “I must do this work because I must buy a car, I must buy new house …” I’m not that kind of person.

I don’t like wake up every day at 9 or 7 o’clock in the morning. I want to follow myself.

I do freestyle motocross.

But I’m not like normal riders. Normal riders do training every day – me no! I follow myself. If I don’t want to go for ride for one day, one week, or one month .. I don’t go. I stay at home, go to the forest ets. I’m lucky because I follow myself.


How and when did you realize that you want to be a rider?
10 years ago I was near the river, because I was professional fisher



… It’s true! The normal story for all riders before doing freestyle they did motocross but for me fishing (ahahah) I spent 15 years of life near the river and fishing … and one day I though “And this is my life? No”. And I changed all my life from that moment.

Like now….now I must change my life… because I already spend a lot of years in my life for Moto freestyle… I have to change…I don’t know when, I don’t know what…

Again fishing?
Ahahaha noooo something different…but I really don’t know, because now I really love flying with by bike


How do you understand the phrase “follow your way”?
For me all the people have inside one way. But a lot of people didn’t listen to themselves. But I am sure there is one way for all the people.

But there is one way or many ways like in your life fisher man, free style rider?
I don’t know, I have a lot of ways, but … I’m sure than everyone has own way…
Here in Italy there are a lot of people live….but for what? They live only for buy the car or house…. For me it’s terrible … terrible…

Is it important for you what society is thinks about your work?
No. No. No
I do all for myself, not for other.


Do you have idols, landmarks?
No. I like Muhammad Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay) a lot. But he is not my idol.


What feature of your character has helped you to understand and decide to follow your own way?
I don’t know. It’s something inside me…. It’s like with Mototerapia, people ask me why I started to do this project, but I don’t know why… it’s something inside me…

Tell me more about mototerapia? What is this?
This is project for unlucky people. Because I’m lucky my life is so beautiful, a lot of show, travel, fun…but some time in this moment when I feel like this I saw people with some problems and all my good feelings finished for me!

For example in Russia before the show I saw one guy in the wheelchair….and really my hard was broken…and I didn’t want to ride I didn’t want to see the show…it was very hard for me…


And for this I decided to make mototerapia. To help other people. Because when I see how this people smile my heard is smiling.

But this kind of people maybe could be not so happy because you show them thinks which they can’t to do buy themselves?
No… Because freestyle motocross it first sport for impact it’s show! When people first time see the freestyle motocross they stay in the shock! Like “what is this?” and second reaction it’s a lot of fun and interesting from people.

In my life I have done a lot of mototerapia in different city in Italy, and all guys were very very happy! Really happy!

About what in your life can you be proud of?
Now I can be proud of my project Mototerapia


List of your values:
Help other people.
Share you energy and “fire” with other people. It’s wonderful when you share you “fire” with other people without fire they became happy but you didn’t lose your “fire”
– Family.
There were a lot of shit things before in my life….a lot of party etc. But Family is so important. I must follow this way.

Tell me about three main goals in your life?
– Children
Now I have only this goal.

What inspires you?
Forest. When I have some problem with myself or my body or with someone, I go to the forest. Because in the forest a lot of energy. I was born in Pontinvrea and I spent 10 years in the forest… I went to the school and after to the forest, forest, forest. In the forest I’m ok! And in the city I can’t relax.


If you would have an inexhaustible source of money, what would you do?
But I really can’t understand people who have a lot a lot of money but they continue to work! WHY? Put your money in a bank in Switzerland. Buy the boat and go around the world! Because the most beautiful thing in the life – it’s traveling!

So will  you travel if you will have an inexhaustible source of money?
Maybe I don’t know…if it’s possible… but I’m pure …


Are you successful?
Because for success, you must study a lot …. You have to be like people want to see you.
I’m Vanni, I don’t need evaluation. Finish.


How to find your way?
First thinks is – your heart is your church! If you start to love yourself after everything  comes.
My grandfather told me this – for good life for good work and etc. you MUST start love YOURSELF!
And when you find this inside you, you find yourself inside the room with many doors!

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Photo by  Dario Bologna