Another my interview with a very talented man! He always inspires me with new projects and ideas! Sure you will like it!

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Oleg, tell me about yourself. What are you doing in this life?
I’m decorator with my friend Misha. All of this started with graffiti, we painted for ourselves, in that time all have done it. It was like a hobby, then became an aide in the work, and now it is the main activity. Initially it was only pictures, now turned into decor, design, architecture and design for apartment.

How do you understand the phrase “follow your way”?
Every person makes his case, each person comes to this. On this subject I have my own theory:
During the lifetime of each person experiences a certain number of emotions and feelings in the end he comes to the total. For example, one person lost a love, survived in the war, found the treasure, all of these cases will lead to some conclusions, that will teach something and he will become a person. All of this can happening in different ways, with someone in the beginning of life, with other one in the middle, or later.

How and when did you realize that you want to be decorator? What affected you?
That’s just what we were saying … I came to this. I’ve done different things, worked in construction, sold some things. I’m passed very early most of the steps, which I talked about, and I came to what I have now. I’ve already passed the stage of formation myself as a person! And I understand that we remain in this direction, and we need to develop! Now I can’t  abruptly stop all and start doing something else!

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Is public opinion about your creativity important for you?
Of course, yes! I express myself with public opinion. For me it’s important to share with people what I’ve done, to show what we are doing. If my work will not be recognized in the society….. will not increase my level and for me it will lose sense. As long as people know and remember me, I live ….
Another one  my theory :
A person must constantly be up to date! For example, all people today appreciate and love the gray sky, and tomorrow something else, so constantly you need to create a new product!
And when the person stops, this is the stage when he starts to get old. You need to keep moving!

Do you have  idols in your work?
I’ve thought about it … I love different people, different philosophies, that the reason why on my body no pictures (tattoos), I do not, because I always know and discovering something new. Until that time, I was very inspired by Ron English. It’s an American artist, he has a famous works, such as Ronald thick. Ron has his university of modern art. In my opinion, he combined, training, and street art. He teaches people how to express themselves… He arranges with his students costumed shows. One of them was a prayer of 40 thick Ronald in front of McDonald. He is a teacher in the daytime, and in the night glues provocative posters on various topics.
Also the last time I discovered for me Will Smith. He wrote the book, appeared in films, wrote the music, runs in the mornings. He is very cool!

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What helped you made such decision? To became a decorator?
In general, I am very tolerant, I try to solve all with the world!
But work in a team it’s very influenced on me. Misha and I are absolutely different people. We have different views, interests, etc. In our tandem, we help and complement each other.

What have you made in your life for what you can be proud of?
For today I’m proud of the experience that I’ve already have. From nothing I can do conceptually new product.
I’m proud of the fact that I express myself, doing my favorite work.
I’m also proud of every one of our new objects.

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List of  your values:
Life. I really like life. I like to walk in the morning with coffee. I like to run and feel that I’m living. I like to go out and meet people. I like paintball and basketball. I like many different things…
Family. I’ve never had a complete family. I had one, but it was not i perfect view. I’d like to have a family. Daughter.
Dreams. I’m constantly dreaming! I’m very inspired by the process of dreams! And, sometimes I’m proud of myself when I understand that now I stand and do something, about what I dreamed.

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Do you have goals?
Yes. I want to move the place where I was born, where I live, on a new level. By different ways, my activities or our activities with Misha. I’m not trying to get out of my own city, I’m trying to take something new somewhere and bring here.
I want the place where I have born will always on one step ahead!
I want a family, like in a movie. I like the picture of perfect couples with children in an ideal home, with a perfect breakfast and delicious coffee.

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What inspires you?
Trivia, coffee, cloudy dry weather, people, dating and chat, music, recognition…
And it is important to knock yourself out of your comfort zone, it’s also very inspiring!

If you would be an inexhaustible source of money, what would you do?
Express yourself. Would be engaged in creativity. Traveled. I would go around the world. I would go to the museums and attend in ceremonies of shamans. Would paint on the walls and with great artists for example in Italy …. Constantly moving!

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Do people need to do selfless deeds?
Of course. Need to engage in charity, doing good things. We do it all the time. But, in my opinion, you need to look for new ways to new tools for this. Much better to invent a new technology and give in to the mass than just share with them yours secret or wealth.

You have in the office a lot of unusual stickers shape like a chair, what is it means?
Easy going. This is what I want to say to the people. I’m traveling around the world, draw on the walls, glue stickers. A basic message is: “Hey, relax, everything’s cool.” I like people who do not focus on the problems, don’t busybodies! This is my self-expression! Find like-minded people! Now people ask me on the Internet send to these stickers! They start to send me a funny picture of this chair! They love it and I’m inspired by this!


For your opinion you are successful person?
Yes. Not because I have of material wealth, but because I’m doing what I like, in the quantities that I like. I’m independent, I’m traveling, and I’m expressing myself.

Your success formula?
Spiritual balance and believe in yourself!
You need to look for…Easy going!

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Photo by Dario Bologna