My super Dario made for me a wonderful surprise for February 14,  trip to Amsterdam.
We spent in this city  4 days and it left me with a very different impression. First and foremost, it is that the city insanely beautiful and creative, these beautiful houses, huge windows, and are inspired to create something unusual!


A huge number of bikes! They really everywhere at every step, and they are the main transportation. It’s so cool!

D.Bologna_AMSTERDAM-13 D.Bologna_AMSTERDAM-22

People in Amsterdam are very different. They are interesting to consider and watch them …

D.Bologna_AMSTERDAM-17 D.Bologna_AMSTERDAM-7

Amsterdam with its structure reminded me Piter, the same channels and boats.

D.Bologna_AMSTERDAM-16 D.Bologna_AMSTERDAM-29 D.Bologna_AMSTERDAM-34


That’s just one question tormented me throughout these 4 days. Is it good for society or not, the legalization of prostitution and drugs ?! I tried to look to observe the life of the city, and it’s look like all is good! People live, create, enjoy life … I already came to the conclusion that yes, perhaps it is good and people become freer. But when we back home, I heard on the news that a group of young people came from Amsterdam to Rome and they destroyed and damaged many centuries the architectural works of art.

I do not know it is connected or not. But I am bound. I came to the conclusion that removing the ban, people generally lose their understanding of what is good and what is bad, what is allowed and what is not.


Photo Dario Bologna